Atlanta Aquarium! Yeee-haw!

OK, I'm a totally water person. I love everything that's connected with water! And it makes perfect sense - I was born right by the Pacific Ocean. I'm originally from Russia & was born in the beautiful place full of geysers & volcanoes. Here's my city. On the other side it's only the ocean that you can see. I love it!

That's one of the reasons why I like water so much. I've been to Chattanooga Aquarium 9-10 times. And now I'm happy to show you some pictures from the Atlanta Aquarium.


February cover in Chattanooga Parent Magazine!

I was so excited about this photoshoot! We all know, how difficult it is to work with teens. But, guys, you are the best teens in the world! I had so much fun! We did all kinds of silly things.
My favorite picture didn't make it to the cover unfortunately. I was so absorbed in the process of taking pictures that I forgot about the square kind of composition that should go to the cover. people think it's an easy process. What can be easier than buying a camera & start click-click-clicking? Oh well, it's harder than that! Anyway, my favorite picture is this one:
and here's the full uncropped version:

and here's my other favorite one.

Allyssa & Tyler's wedding.

I enjoyed working with this couple. I didn't have much time & had to do my best to take as many good pictures as I can in 3 hours. And I think I did it! Enjoy the slideshow & my favorite pictures from the wedding!

I wish Allyssa & Tyler the best in their lives!

Allyssa and Tyler from Victoria Mason on Vimeo.


For the brides!!!

I'm very happy to announce that now I'm part of The Cottage Team
It's a great wedding planning company. Gayle O'Brien is the owner of the company. She plans fabulous weddings saving the brides' time & money! It's really a pleasure to work with Gayle. After talking to her I always feel so fresh & full of energy. And what I value most  is that I can see passion in her eyes. She LOVES what she's doing!

I'm now proud to be a photographer for Gayle's precious brides! See my name in the vendors' section, on the page 'Memories on Film'


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